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In this e-mail interview with Jim are many useful tips on the means, motive and method of jamming. Let an expert teach you exactly how and why it is done. Spelling and grammar has not been corrected in an effort to preserve the flava. Bam.

1. What is your full name?

Houlios (Jim) Conquestadorous BAM!

2. What is your cool "culture jamming handle"?

Turbo Panther ,, Which is also my street hiphop name DOUBLE BAM !

3. Why do you culture jam?

A while back I was just like you, its hard to believe ,,, I hear ya .. but its true, BUT Something happend to change all that , something big . The SYSTEM turned on me, it ripped me off ,. Something Just SNAPPED in my brain and I was transofrmed into bad ass Jammer and ive been taking it to the STREETZ ever since. Biggidy BAM

4. Who should culture jam?

Anyone who is like me and in touch with thier BLACK HERITAGE,,, Afrika BAM

5. How do you know when a BAM has gone well?

I get this feeling ...its kinda like when you know you've done something that will change lives and change the way pople think.. Knowing you've reallt made a DIFFERENCE..... a spiritual BAM

6. What would you do if "the heat" showed up in mid-BAM?

Im like Fuck the Police , they cant hold me down .. im like If im gunna BAM im Gunna BAM No one can stop me Im On FIRE ! Fucken Tripple BAM !

7. If you could sum up your attitude in six words (the last one being "bam"), what would they be?

Dont Let Whitey Hold you Down BAM

8. What is your best single piece of advice for the "kidz" on the "streetz"?

Keep it real and remember your black Heritage





Culture Jamming
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Culture Jamming
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