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MANY PEOPLE have asked me if we will ever produce another 'Culture Jamming'. The answer to that is "I don't really know".

But that is not what's important. What's important is that others look upon us as the true Aussie heroes we are -- up there in the pantheon with Barnesy and Farnesy and Dame Edna and Thorpie and Kylie and Ken Done -- and follow in our footsteps. You at home should pick up a video camera, grab a couple of people -- preferably an ethnic and a guy who doesn't really want to be there -- and spring forth upon your local area, swooping through it like colourful, speedy peacocks, BAM-ing and jamming everything in your path, filming as you go.

Then, go find an editing suite, attach your camera to the DV in port, copy your stuff across, open up a video edit application such as Media 100, Premiere or Vegas Video, snip all the best bits, line them up in a pleasing fashion, add some titles and credits, export to tape, make VHS copies, book a venue, organise a VCR, invite all your friends and play the tape to rapturous applause.

Anybody can do it!


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Culture Jamming
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Culture Jamming
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